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  • Colibri Quasar Astoria triple-jet flame lighter

    In a quest for the ultimate union of form and function, the new Colibri Quasar Astoria builds on our legacy of inspired innovation—now with the unique Quasar design that is powered by a bold triple-jet flame system with an integrated dual-blade guillotine cutter with a large 59 ring gauge aperture.

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  • Colibri Quasar Desktop Cutter

    The Quasar cutter is a two-in-one combination of the Colibri V-Cut and S-Cut cigar cutters in the ultimate desktop/tabletop format.
    The cutter is engaged by pushing down on the top peak of the Quasar, which releases and pops up the cutting unit with both blades ready in unison. The V-Cut side cleanly cuts a wedge as deep as 7mm on a 60-ring for a full robust draw. The straight cut provides an equally crisp straight cut on cigars up to a 70-ring. The body is a sturdy all-metal form. The top peak holds the blades and runs on oiled quad pistons to ensure absolute smooth action when in motion. The undercarriage is lined with a rubber gasket for non-slip stability while in use and to prevent damage to the desktop. Also, on the bottom is a twist cap for retrieving and disposing of the collected cigar clippings. (Weight: 1 lb. 5 oz – 592 g)

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  • Colibri Quasar Table Lighter

    The Quasar Table Lighter is a triple flame lighter with ignition embedded in its design. With fast single-action retracting doors, the lighter provides a steady flame in our signature Quasar design. The lighter’s metallic pyramid body highlights elegance alongside its sturdy functionality, and it includes non-slip rubber foot pads that will keep the lighter firmly on your coffee table or desk without scratching the surface. This newest addition to our Quasar series completes the Quasar tabletop set, and is a perfect match with the Quasar table cutter and ashtray.

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  • Colibri Rally Single-jet Flame Lighter

    Rally is a jet flame cigar lighter with an easy-to-use single-action ignition. The extra-large capacity fuel tank is transparent for quick fuel level readings and flame level is effortlessly adjusted with oversized fuel adjuster wheel. The pachmayr pattern on the body gives you a sure grip.

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  • Colibri Slide

    The Colibri Slide is the company’s latest innovation featuring a truly pioneering single–action “push up” ignition system. Taking advantage of the natural strength of the user’s hand, the flame’s ignition is engaged by pushing up with the thumb, and pushing the flame system away from the hand, giving the flame complete exposure and therefore making cigar lighting that much easier and unobstructed

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  • Colibri Stealth 3 Triple-jet Flame Lighter

    Inspired by the interconnecting angles and facets of modern aeronautical design, the Stealth is one of our most advanced lighters ever—featuring pyramidal triple-jet flames, slim-profile ignition, wide air intake and our blue fuel window technology for easy readings.

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